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The N3UJJ Hamshack

Pictures and descriptions below are of the N3UJJ Hamshack (and the Hamshack in my Toyota Sienna). I am very computerised when it comes to Ham Radio, I control all me rigs with computers and can honestly say the only time I touch my radios is when I power them on and off.


Lastest Picture of May HamShack
Very Hi-Rez Picture of Hamshack
1280 Picture of Hamshack My HamShack in my Sienna

Rig Control Computer What you see above is two computers, with 6 monitors that control my Icom Radios.
(IC-746Pro, IC-910H, IC-7000, IC-718 & PCR-1500)
Computer #1 controls the 746Pro and the 910H and 7000 (using 4 monitors)
Computer #2 is my SDR Server and controls the SDR-IQ and SoftRock Software Defined Radios (SDR)
(Using SDR-RADIO Software)

I use the following software "Ham Radio Deluxe Suite" (the best rig control software available), "VOA Prop" the tried and true Propagation prediction software, and SDR-RADIO (Software Designed Radio (SDR) and Spectrum Analyzer)

APRS iGate/DiGi Computer
I run the N3UJJ APRS iGate/Digipeater from my house, using an IC-V8000 connected to a PK-96 TNC with a dedicated computer running APRSIS32 software.

I also the N3UJJ-6 Digipeater on top of the Naval Academy water tower (at 160 feet), with an IC-V8000 connected to Kantronics KP3 (plus)

APRS in my Vehicles use the Kenwood TM-D710A

The Hamshack Rig's

Picture of My IC-746Pro
The ICOM IC-746Pro

Picture of My IC-7000
The Icom IC-7000

Picture of My IC-910H
The Icom IC-910H

Picture of My IC-718
The Icom IC-718

RFspace SDR-IQ (SDR)

The SoftRock Ensemble RX II Software Designed Radio (SDR)
The FunCube Dongle Software Defined Radio (SDR)
Picture of My Ameritron AL-811

Ameritron AL811H
Picture of My IC-PCR1500

Icom IC-PCR1500 computer controlled receiver
Picture of My BCD996T

Uniden BCD996T Trunking Scanner
Picture of My BCT15
Uniden BCT15 Trunking Scanner

The Antenna Farm

Picture of my house, showing my antenna farm (12 antennas) My M2 Yagi Amateur Satellite Antennas
Click on the picture to see a High Rez Version

My HF Antennas consist of:
GAP Titan
Home built 80 Meter Cage Dipole
Home built 40 Meter Cage Dipole
Home built 20 Meter Cage Dipole
Buxxcom 80 Meter Dipole

My VHF/UHF Antennas consist of:
M2 Antenna Systems 2MCP22 Yagi (Amateur Satellites)
M2 Antenna Systems 436CP42 U/G Yagi (Amateur Satellites)
Diamond F23H Monoband Base Station Antenna (DigiPeater)
X200A Dualband Base Antenna (Voice Communications)
National RF WX-137QA TURBO-TENNA (Weather Satellite Antenna)

How's your SWR?

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My Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) Stats
Scott Gillis (N3UJJ) Page Counter

(Home Location)

Grid Square: FM18rv78rh

CQ Zone 5
I.T.U Zone 8

Latitude: 38.80785
Longitude: -76.67826

Latitude: N38° 48' 28''
Longitude: W76° 40' 42''

Latitude: 38.910°
Longitude: -76.519°

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