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The N3UJJ Antenna Farm

You can never have enough antennas, if you have a couple trees and a roof on your house, you can get antennas in the air. Building antennas is easy and fun, as you can see I have tried just about every style antenna there is. And you still can't beat a Dipole Antenna for HF.

Please note, the pictures were taken with a wide angle lens
So bending of the Verticals looks weird



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(Home Location)

Grid Square: FM18rv78rh

CQ Zone 5
I.T.U Zone 8

Latitude: 38.80785
Longitude: -76.67826

Latitude: N38° 48' 28''
Longitude: W76° 40' 42''

Latitude: 38.910°
Longitude: -76.519°

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